If You Are Selling Your Car, Be Sure to Address These Common Issues

Thinking about selling your car? If so, you’ve likely got several things on your mind, one of them being how to get the most money back for your vehicle. Everyone wants to sell their car for as much as possible, but have you ever stopped to think about what lends a car more resale value? Though every vehicle is evaluated differently, here are a few surefire things that will lower your car’s value, if not remedied before you’re ready to sell.

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are favored by many as a cool way to show off one’s personality while on the road. But, have you ever considered that maybe the next owner of your vehicle won’t care for or agree with whatever your bumper stickers shout to the world? When it comes to selling your car, bumper stickers make your vehicle stand out in all the wrong ways. If you must attach a sticker to your car, don’t affix it to the actual bumper. Apply it to glass panels, where it can be removed when you’re ready to sell.

Windshield Cracks

Windshield cracks are bound to happen, even to the safest driver. Yet, if you’re thinking about selling your car, you should know that cracks and imperfections in the glass are known to reduce the resale value of your vehicle. In some states, driving with a cracked window is illegal – and in all states, it’s distracting to the driver and unsightly to everyone else. Fortunately, windshield repair is a quick and rather affordable job. In fact, most insurance companies will cover a windshield repair or replacement without affecting your deductible.

Spotty Maintenance History

Many drivers don’t feel comfortable purchasing a vehicle with a spotty maintenance history. Used-car buyers want to know that they're buying a car that has been properly taken care of, from oil changes to tire rotations to regularly scheduled tune-ups. If you haven’t stuck to regular maintenance, or keep a spotty record of them, now is the time to start organizing your receipts. And never try to hide the truth about your maintenance history – with sites like, buyers can look up records more easily than ever.

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